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How your donations help us?

The Juneau Raptor Center, being a non-profit organization, runs mainly on donations and memberships. Your donations are used for food, veterinary services, medications, transportation, building upkeep, and other supplies needed for our work.

Your contributions and support is what enables us to help raptors and other injured birds of Southeast Alaska year round! We truly appreciate any help that you are able to give!

Online Paypal Donations:

Or, Send checks payable to ‘Juneau Raptor Center’ to:
Juneau Raptor Center
P.O. Box 34713
Juneau, Alaska 99803-4713

Thank You!

June 27th, 2015: Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Jane Doe for your donation of $50! This money will go towards a new perch for Lady B!

Become A Member


_DSC5579_1When you become a member you help the JRC in a number of ways! Helping pay for food, advertising, facilities, veterinary costs, bird care and captures. By volunteering you can help even more! The JRC runs off volunteers and could use all the we can get. By being part of the JRC you help give wounded raptors another chance!

Printable Membership Form

Your support is appreciated very much!

Become A Corporate Sponsor


Become a corporate sponsor and support the Juneau Raptor Center today! Being a corporate sponsor is about more than increasing the visibility of your company. It shows the support you give the community and the generosity of your enterprise. Call us to talk about becoming partners now! 907-586-8393



Why We Need You!

Photo Courtesy of Juneau Raptor Center

Photo Courtesy of Juneau Raptor Center

Volunteers are the heart and soul of this organization! Volunteers do everything from wild bird captures, taking care of smaller birds, clean kennels, mews, aviaries, make posters and notices, education projects (puzzles, games, presentations), building/maintenance projects, fund raising projects and with advanced training you can learn how to care for and handle our education birds at public events! Even our board members are volunteers!

Wish List


Office Supplies

  • Postage stamps
  • Plain Copy Paper
  • Ink – 934/935 HP Cartridges

Clinic Supplies

  • Baby Food
  • Newspaper
  • Garbage bags (34gal)
  • Laundry Soap


  • Ziplock Bags
  • Duct Tape
  • Paper Towels
  • Dawn Soap


Please contact us if you wish to donate any of the above supplies.  

Thank you for your donations.


What does it mean to Adopt-A-Raptor?
Adopting a JRC Education Bird allows you to directly contribute money used to feed, house and provide medical support for that bird. Education birds are a vital part of the JRC’s mission and your support allows us to reach more people.

Adoption provides the following optional benefits:

  • Scheduled visits with your bird
  • Recognition in our newsletter
  • A biography and history of your bird
  • A one-year subscription to the JRC
  • An adoption certificate of your bird newsletter
  • A picture of your bird
  • A one-year membership
  • A tax deductible donation

Please print and fill out ‘Adopt-A- Raptor Form’

Complete this form and mail it to us. Make checks payable to ‘Juneau Raptor Center‘  and mail to:

Juneau Raptor Center
P.O. Box 34713
Juneau, Alaska 99803-4713