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The Juneau Raptor Center (JRC) is a volunteer, non-profit organization serving Southeast Alaska since 1987. JRC provides medical care to over 150 sick and injured raptors and other birds each year. JRC also delivers educational programs, featuring non-releasable birds, to local and regional groups, teaching audiences of all ages the basics of conservation.

Juneau Appreciation Day

Join us on Saturday, May 10, 2014, for Juneau Appreciation Day. You can ride the Mt. Roberts Tram all day. Ticket prices are $15; children 2 and under are free. Event begins at 9AM; ends at 6PM. We will have education birds present during this event. Many thanks to the Mt. Roberts Tram for donating the day's ticket proceeds to the Juneau Raptor Center! Questions: 586-8393 (message phone) or Pat, 364-3389.

Naturalists Wanted: The Juneau Raptor Center is hiring!
The Juneau Raptor Center is hiring! We need two naturalists to work at our eagle display at the Mt. Roberts Tram this summer. We need one naturalist to be the lead naturalist. The lead naturalist will be assigned additional duties and additional pay. The naturalists will greet visitors and provide information about raptors and other wild birds in Southeast Alaska, natural history of the area, and information about JRC and the display's resident eagle. The job begins in early May and ends in late September.... Read More


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Our newsletter is now available electronically to JRC members

We are now offering our newsletter to our membership electronically. We want to help preserve the environment by using less paper and maintain overhead by lowering postage costs. We will continue to provide the newsletter via U.S. Mail for those who prefer to receive it that way. Please contact us via our web site email: info@juneauraptorcenter.org if you wish to receive the newsletter electronically or if you have any questions.

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