The Juneau Raptor Center (JRC) is a volunteer, non-profit organization serving Southeast Alaska since 1987. JRC provides medical care to over 150 sick and injured raptors and other birds each year. JRC also delivers educational programs, featuring non-releasable birds, to local and regional groups, teaching audiences of all ages the basics of conservation.

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October 8, 2018

Getting the party started!! Here are some recent photos of the mew site on Mount Roberts. The old structure is completely gone and site prep is underway. Materials were dropped in by helicopter last week! We’re on our way!


September 18, 2018

Here we go! The deconstruction of the old eagle mew on Mount Roberts has begun. The great folks at Silverbow Construction have been hard at work dismantling the old structure for removal. After that happens, they will be able to begin site prep for the new mew, scheduled to be ready next spring!We’re still in need of food donations for the GCI crew who will be removing the old material and hauling it away. If you can donate a pizza, sandwiches, bottled water or snacks on Saturday, 9/29, please leave us a message or call the office at 586-8393. Whoopee!


Deconstruction & removal of old mew on Mount Roberts!
September 29th is the day we bid adieu to the old mew on Mount Roberts. The Juneau Raptor Center wishes to thank GCI for providing the labor force to help us in honor of the 2018 Day of Caring! We need volunteers to help feed the workers. If you can bring a pizza, bottled water, sub sandwiches, snacks, or fruit to the tram on the 29th, we would be so grateful! Also, we could use paper plates and napkins. Once the old material is gone, Silverbow Construction will be able to attend to site prep for the new construction, weather permitting. (translation: snow).  Look forward to the new mew next spring!
If you can help feed the crew on September 29th, please contact JRC at info@juneauraptorcenter.org or call us at 586-8393.
Bon voyage, old mew!!

There’s No Place Like a New Home! 41078185_2314471715247049_1691780007212351488_nFor many years, the Juneau Raptor Center has hosted an education eagle display on Mount Roberts during the visitor season. Though there were several education birds before her, the current star of this attraction is Lady Baltimore, a non-releasable American Bald Eagle who is blind in one eye with a damaged wing. Being unable to fly and see properly, ‘Lady B’ would have been hard-pressed to survive in the wild. Since her injuries healed, she has been cared for like the princess she is by JRC board members and volunteers.

Her summer housing is old and in need of replacement. The access and visibility are poor. And, it would be ideal to give her a bit more room to stretch out.  Juneau visitors want the opportunity to see a live American Bald Eagle up close. It’s an educational experience not available in many other places. The solution is simple: build Lady B a new home!

For some time, the Juneau Raptor Center has been on a mission to build a new eagle mew on Mount Roberts.  Now, thanks to financial support from Goldbelt, and the architectural expertise of Jensen Yorba Lott, that is becoming as reality.  Starting September 16th, the existing mew will be dismantled. By the end of September, the goal is to haul away all the old material so new housing construction can begin.

In 2019, you can visit Lady B in her new digs which will be expertly built by Silverbow Construction! It will be a beautiful, brand-new enclosure with greater visibility, better ADA access, and more room for Lady Baltimore to move around.  We are very excited to get this project underway and are looking forward to next season and a new home for our favorite eagle!

2018 Thank you to Taku Fisheries from Juneau Raptor Center

Pat gets fishPat gets fish2

Thanks again to the continuing generosity of Taku Fisheries, the Juneau Raptor Center’s permanent and rehabilitating eagles will be eating freshly caught, processed and stored pink salmon for the coming year.Taku-Smokeries-Logo

Many thanks to Eric Norman and his crew for all their help in providing these fish for our birds.  Your help all these years is greatly appreciated and makes it possible to feed the eagles their preferred food.

We are very grateful to all of you!

Dale Cotton, President
Juneau Raptor Center

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Adopting a JRC Education Bird allows you to directly contribute money used to feed, house and provide medical support for that bird. Education birds are a vital part of the JRC’s mission and your support allows us to reach more people.

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