Eagle_HeadThe Juneau Raptor Center (JRC) is a volunteer, non-profit organization serving Southeast Alaska since 1987. JRC provides medical care to over 150 sick and injured raptors and other birds each year. JRC also delivers educational programs, featuring non-releasable birds, to local and regional groups, teaching audiences of all ages the basics of conservation. 

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Pick.Click.Give funding helps us with our goal to rehabilitate and release sick or injured birds back into the wild and provide educational programs to the public.  Funds also go towards the purchase of food, veterinary services, transportation, and upkeep of our clinic.  Your support is much appreciated!!!

Check it out!!! The Juneau Raptor Center’s Dale Cotton with Gyrfalcon Phil and Jaimie Rountree with Justice the Eagle, teamed up with PBS and the Wild Kratt Brothers on Thursday, July 20th.

Krattmania comes to Juneau: ‘Wild Kratt’ brothers teach kids about natural science, animals

12-8-16-122aWe would like to thank everyone who came to see us at the 2016 Public Market.

We had a great crew of volunteers and are very happy with the event.  Thanks to our volunteer crew: Pat Bock, Janet Capito, Jaimie Rountree, Kathy Maas, Sandy Harbanuk, Suzanne Peschier, Liz Allen, Alexia Kiefer, Bill Church, Mary Willson, Francine Troisfontaine,  Tammy Hesseltine, Jean Hunt, Susan Wiswell, Kirsten Swanson, and Leandra Lewis. We would also like to thank local photographer and bird enthusiast Tamara Roberts for donating her time and talents to photographing our resident birds.

Adopt- A Raptor Program


Adopting a JRC Education Bird allows you to directly contribute money used to feed, house and provide medical support for that bird. Education birds are a vital part of the JRC’s mission and your support allows us to reach more people.

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Our newsletter is now available electronically to JRC members

recycle-icon-1We are now offering our newsletter to our membership electronically. We want to help preserve the environment by using less paper and maintain overhead by lowering postage costs. We will continue to provide the newsletter via U.S. Mail for those who prefer to receive it that way. Please contact us via our web site email: info@juneauraptorcenter.org if you wish to receive the newsletter electronically or if you have any questions.